Soon all police officers will have stun guns

Soon all police officers will have stun guns

Updated 13.41 | Published 13.39




fullscreen The weapon fires an arrow with a wire that conducts electricity from the weapon. Pictured is the Taser X2 stun gun. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Before the end of the year, all police officers on external duty must have access to stun guns, the police write on their website.

Actually, the weapons would have been in place as early as 2022, but have been delayed, among other things, because a procurement had to be redone.

The stun guns, which can be abbreviated EVC, fire an electrified dart that is attached to the weapon by a wire. The weapon can also be pressed against a person and in short intervals transmit current. The nerve signals in the musculature are knocked out, and the victim ends up “in a stiff, cramp-like state”, according to the police.

The weapon is said not to be dangerous, although it can cause, for example, fall injuries.