Sony PlayStation prepares to introduce live service games

Sony PlayStation prepares to introduce live service games

Looks like Sony PlayStation, plans to take part in the lucrative segment of the live service games market. The company’s PlayStation exclusives are known for some of the best narrative-driven titles, and reportedly plans to enter live service games with a brand new move.

The PlayStation console provides access to several widely accredited single-player campaign games. This God of War, Horizon series, The Last of Us including games like However, it seems that the brand plans to expand into the highly successful strategy that many other companies have implemented with the live service model. A live service game is basically a game that works with an internet connection and typically offers some degree of multiplayer.

Playing these games is usually it’s free and earns money directly from sales of in-game cosmetic items or other forms of paid DLC. One of the reasons for their success is the fact that a studio needs to make a game and update the content offered to maintain their player base. A great example of this is Epic’s hugely successful Fortnite and Bungie’s Destiny is the series. Now it seems that Sony is trying to make some changes with its own formula. Notably, the news came even as the company was trying to launch a new handheld game streaming device that runs on the PS5.

Previously, the company’s games 88 percent traditional model while only 12 percent were live service. But he recently announced that his latest investment strategy would turn that ratio to 40 percent and 60 percent, respectively. In other words, it will focus on the live service model. It even plans to launch a brand new franchise for this move. It promised to offer “a look at a few new creations from PlayStation Studios” soon.