Sony PlayStation 6 Aims to Be the Most Powerful in the Industry with AMD

Sony PlayStation 6 Aims to Be the Most Powerful in

Sony PlayStation’s authority in the industry is, of course, indisputable. The brand, which produces the most used consoles in the gaming world, released PlayStation 5 in 2020. PlayStation 5 Pro While its preparations continue, the brand, as it is known, continues its development work on Sony PS6. There is still a lot of time for PS6 to meet the user, but according to what is said Sony PlayStation 6 AMD aims to be the strongest in the sector.

Sony PlayStation 6 Will Be the Most Powerful in the Industry with AMD

tech giant Sony PlayStation 6 It is preparing to completely dominate the gaming industry, where it already has a certain superiority. According to the news published by wccftech, the brand aims to offer the most powerful console in the industry to game lovers by using AMD in the next generation game console PS6. Although many features of the device, which has been in development for about a year, are not clear, there are some clear details.

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According to reports published by RedGaming Tech, Sony considers AMD to be the sole supplier. As can be understood from this detail, the brand will use AMD processor in the PS6 device. Actually, this detail is a bit interesting because Sony met with many brands, including Nvidia, during the development process of PlayStation 5. During the PS5 development process, no definitive judgment could be made about the processor, but now Sony preferred AMD It can be said.

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For the next generation of Sony Play Station consoles It marks the date 2028. In fact, this time seems to be enough to develop the industry’s most powerful game console. Within the scope of PS6, the brand is expected to offer different and new generation technological experiences. In this regard, it is stated that the device will highlight technologies such as machine learning, ray tracing, and artificial intelligence. Sony aims to offer a richer gaming experience in these steps. The latest technological features in question, performance costs Although it is not supported on every platform, it shows that the vision of increasing the gaming experience is aimed.

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PlayStation 5 Pro May Reach the End of 2024

There is a little more time for the PlayStation 6 game console, but there is also important news about PlayStation 5, the last console of the series. Red Gaming Tech In a video he published PlayStation 5 Pro and there is some information about Sony’s new system. According to the information in question, Sony has sent development kits to third-party studios, which shows that the brand is making progress towards the mid-generation renewal system. However, let us underline that there is no official statement about this yet. It supports the possibility of the new update of PlayStation 5 being made towards the end of 2024.