Sony makes first announcement for PlayStation portable gaming device

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The allegations made last month turned out to be true. Sony new portable tonight PlayStation showcase your gaming device took it out.

speaking last month From Insider Gaming Tom Henderson, Sony’s “Q LiteA new code named ” He stated that he was working on the PlayStation hand console.. Henderson even gave a lot of information about the product at the claim stage. The product, which has aroused great interest since then, turned out to be seriously real and was officially announced as part of the PlayStation Showcase. Yet Project Q The product, which is referred to as the product and will be put up for sale at the end of the year, cloud doesn’t center gaming. Those who buy this device must have a PS5, games are transferred to this device via PS5 using WiFi. So in the center of the device “Remote Play” has infrastructure. Sony itself explains this feature as follows: “With Remote Play, you can remotely control your PlayStation console from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. For example, you can use a computer or a smartphone in another room to enjoy PS5 and PS4 games on the go.” On this basis, the product that will need a continuous high-speed internet connection, It carries an 8-inch HD display, basically on the sides DualSense controllers are used. Besides this product, the company is also working on headphones for a wireless ear. That headset can be seen in the gallery above.


Coming sooner than expected and detailed soon Project QAs we said above, it does not center the cloud, but Sony is doing a lot of work on this. Last month, for example, Sony’s cloud gaming It turned out that he started looking for new personnel in 22 different positions.. Sony links new job postings directly to PlayStation and cloud gaming, and it doesn’t seem to want to lag behind the competition in this area. The company is right here because many companies are working on the cloud-based handheld console these days, the latest member of which is on the agenda. It is Logitech with its product, the details of which we have included here.