Sony is leaving Turkey?

Sony is leaving Turkey

Some news began to emerge that Sony would withdraw from the Turkish market. But what about the Playstation?

Unfortunately, from time to time, we may encounter news of large, global-scale companies leaving our country due to the failure to achieve the targeted success, economic reasons, and different reasons. Recently, there have been some news that Sony, or more precisely Sony Eurasia, will leave our country.

Is Sony withdrawing from the Turkish market?

First of all, let’s say that there is no official statement about the separation of Sony, which has started to be talked about more on social media and dictionary sites. In other words, all statements and news are allegations.

As you know, Sony is a company that operates not only on a product basis, but also in many areas, especially cinema and music. In other words, we have to take into account that this whole structure, including Playstation, is a big roof company.

Sony products, as some of you know, have been operating in the Turkish market for a long time through a distributor. It is stated that this distributor company, namely Sony Eurasia, will leave Turkey. It is among the information received that the company, which had withdrawn from the country long ago on important issues such as telephone, will manage its operations with a much smaller team. There is no information yet on which products and operations this separation will cover. Of course, when Sony is mentioned, the Playstation brand immediately comes to mind.

Playstation brand is one of the most successful brands of Sony in our country as well as all over the world. Therefore, although there is no official statement, it is not difficult to predict that the Playstation brand will continue its activities even in a possible Sony Eurasia departure. Another reason why we say this is that, as you know, Playstation Turkey is actually connected to the UK. Personally, I think that Playstation operations will continue without slowing down with some changes in supply and sales channels in a possible Sony Eurasia separation.

We contacted Sony and Playstation officials regarding the issue. We will inform you when there is an incoming statement.