Sony Couldn’t Find What It Was Looking For in PlayStation 5, Sales Figures Are Not As Expected

Sony Couldnt Find What It Was Looking For in PlayStation

The success of technology giant Sony in both electronic home appliances and the gaming industry is indisputable. Even though it is a successful company, some products may not be successful, so to speak. Factors such as general market conditions, global economic situation, interest in competing products in the industry can affect the interest in the newly launched product. The brand also encountered such a situation with PS5. Sony couldn’t find what it was looking for in PlayStation 5; Sales figures did not occur as expected.

Sony Couldn’t Find What It Was Looking For in PlayStation 5

According to 2023 data, although Sony finished the year with a profit, it could not achieve the success it wanted in the gaming industry. Stating that it achieved a 10 percent increase in revenue in the last quarter of last year, the brand stated that this increase came from its activities in the finance, music and film sectors. Accustomed to success in many industries, Sony to the gaming and entertainment industry It aims to be at the top of the list here too by giving more weight.

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Sony, which is already strong in the field of finance and makes high profits from this sector, is reportedly planning to separate its finance department in the coming years. In this context, brand Sony Financial Group He aims to establish a company called. No such statement has been made by the company yet, but what is being said is in this direction…

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Founded in 1946, Sony, which has made a name for itself in the field of technology of Japanese origin for years, was once producing only electronic hardware. However, the development of technology and the innovative transformation of the sectors enabled the brand to produce for other areas. We can say that PlayStation is the biggest example of Sony’s undeniable success in the gaming industry. For years PlayStation game console tops the bestseller list.

PS5 Able to Sell 16.5 Million Units Last Year

Sony, which kept expectations in most of the PlayStation series, was wrong this time. PlayStation 5 The product failed to meet the targeted sales figures. The brand aimed to sell 25 million PS5 units in 2023, but this figure is approximately 16.5 million remained at levels. Of course, this situation of PlayStation 5 was on the radar of investors. Investors believe this decline From Microsoft’s Xbox investments He thinks it’s because. Due to the pressure of these investments on the company, it is thought that the brand has declined in the gaming industry.

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Sony’s situation in the gaming industry; It is said that the campaigns offered with low profit margins occurred due to the fact that PS5 sales did not occur as expected and the sales of game hardware decreased.

Even though some of the brand’s moves in the field of gaming were not successful, we still cannot consider them as a complete failure. For example, who met with the actor in October 2023 Marvel’s Spider – Man 2 We can say that the game selling 10 million copies has raised hopes for 2024. With this PlayStation 5 It became one of the promising investments. Although Sony did not have a good enough year in terms of the gaming industry in 2023, it seems that it will be able to achieve its targets for 2024.