Sony Changes Strategy: More PlayStation Games Will Come to PC Now!

Sony Changes Strategy More PlayStation Games Will Come to PC

Sony, one of the strong actors in the gaming industry as in many other industries, plans to continue on its way with some strategy changes. According to the recent statements made by the brand, the PlayStation 5 game console is now approaching the end of its life. Stating that PS5 sales will now begin to decline, the brand is looking for a solution to the SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) operating profit problem. Now more within the scope of Sony’s strategy changes PlayStation game will come to PC.

Sony Changes Strategy: More PlayStation Games Will Come to PC Now!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan, president and CEO, will retire next March. During the transition phase, Sony appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hiroki Totoki as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment and interim CEO. Late in Ryan’s tenure at Sony, Totoki made some statements and to aggressive changes he pointed out.

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Totoki, who has been performing these duties for about 4 months, stated that he made long observations in the company during this period and that there were things that were not going well. From Totoki Bloomberg Takashi Mochizuki He said that during his meeting with , he realized that the company had a significant shortcoming in terms of profitability. Hiroki Totoki, He stated that the work done at SIE is not aimed at growth and achieving high profit margins. To be exact, Totoki said: “The biggest problem I’ve identified at SIE is that they don’t have enough understanding of how to translate their business into growth, sustainable profits and higher margins for the unit as a whole.” said.

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At the heart of his statement is Sony SIE both management and business style problem Stating that he is, Totoki plans to continue on his way with different strategies when he comes to the seat. In this context, Totoki states that first-party games will no longer be used to popularize the console, and instead, PlayStation’s first-party content should be spread aggressively. In this context, the games are planned to be released on PC in the first place.

PlayStation First Party Content Coming to PC

Although Hiroki Totoki presented this as a brand new strategy, Sony had already started publishing PlayStation first-party content on the PC. However, it is worth adding that games come to PC later than consoles, just like Horizon Forbidden West as it was released first on console and then on PC.

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Hiroki Totoki, PlayStation is first class He states that publishing the content on PC will make the game more profitable by spreading it to a wider audience. As can be understood from here, PS games will now be published simultaneously on both platforms, instead of being published first on PlayStation and then on PC.

As we mentioned above, Sony states that PS5 sales will tend to decrease. Play PlayStation games on PC “earlier” Moving can help grow business profits. In fact, the success of Helldivers 2’s release proves that this method will work. However, it is thought that Xbox as well as PlayStation will adopt this strategy.