Some pharmacists will soon be able to directly treat cystitis and sore throats

Some pharmacists will soon be able to directly treat cystitis

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    Dr. Yves Dour (Doctor in Pharmacy)

    It’s official: two protocols for the treatment of cystitis and odynophagia (i.e. sore throats) by pharmacists have just been registered in the Official Journal on March 14. We take stock with the pharmacist of our committee of experts, Dr. Yves Dour.

    This is a decision officially recorded in the Official Journal: the “pollakiuria” and “odynophagia” protocols now allow pharmacists to treat these two symptoms, within their patients.

    A decision open to pharmacists who are members of a CPTS

    These protocols put in place currently only concern pharmacists integrated into a territorial professional health community (CPTS).

    What does that mean ? “The CPTS is a multi-professional association including doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists…. and which has a care program for the local population. It can also accommodate patient associations, medico-social personnel… In the CPTS of Le Mans to which I belong, we are 1400 health actors, in 21 different municipalities serving 220,000 people“explains Dr Yves Dour, pharmacist member of the Doctissimo expert committee.

    What are the protocols in place?

    These decrees relate to two types of symptoms:management of odynophagia, i.e. throat pain felt or increased during swallowing in patients aged 6 to 45″ And “pollakiuria and micturition burning in women aged 16 to 65“, which corresponds to the urinary tract infection, also called cystitis.

    This means that on questioning the patient, for a simple urinary tract infection, without fever, we can deliver fosfomycin, an antibiotic, without a prescription, to treat the patient” explains Dr. Dour.

    And regarding the sore throat, we will have to do an antibiotic test, to determine the origin of the angina: if it is positive, it is a bacterial angina, so we must give an antibiotic – amoxicillin usually – and if negative, offer the patient other treatments, not reimbursed, such as mouthwashes, throat sprays or lozenges“concludes the pharmacist.

    A system officially open to pharmacists

    Previously reserved for health centers and multi-professional health centers (MSP), these protocols had been temporarily extended to pharmacists in CPTS on a temporary basis, last summer, from the beginning of July until September 30.

    Following this positive experience, the government decided to endorse the protocols officially, by publishing them in the Official Journal.