Solo Leveling is one of the best anime right now, risking the same mistake that hurt Naruto

This season Solo Leveling has become one of the best anime. The series is based on a South Korean web novel that has been completed as of 2021. In April 2023, a surprise sequel called Solo Leveling: Ragnarok followed, which was released with over 100 chapters at the start. But history could make the same mistake as Naruto.

What mistake did Naruto make? The Naruto anime series was divided into the original anime and Shippuden. After the grand finale, the baton was passed on to the new generation. His son Boruto is currently struggling with all sorts of problems.

There are several reasons why Boruto is generally considered unpopular. One of them is that popular characters from the Naruto universe hardly appear anymore. Even Naruto himself fades further into the background. Currently, he isn’t even in the same dimension as the other ninjas and is rarely shown.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok has a similar premise. Here it is no longer Sung Jinwoo, but his son Sung Suho who is at the center of the action. This provides the same basis as Naruto and Boruto. Since the story isn’t finished yet, it could happen that Sung Jinwoo fades into the background like Naruto does.

It could be ages before we see Solo Leveling: Ragnarok as an anime. Just a few weeks ago the anime for Solo Leveling, the original story, started:

Solo Leveling already has a sequel with Ragnarok

What is Solo Leveling: Ragnarok about? Sung Suho is the son of Sung Jinwoo, the protagonist of Solo Leveling. He had a normal life as a college student until he had a near-death experience. At that moment his hunter skills, which his father had used to defeat monsters in the gates, awakened.

The story now includes over 174 chapters. There is still no end in sight. Therefore, we can only hope that Sung Jinwoo continues to be an important part of the story. So far, readers on Reddit are happy with the story from Ragnarok:

  • Global_Buildes8324 writes that the story would be crazy because of the power scaling. In places it is even better than Solo Leveling because there are more in-depth explanations.
  • For Huncherbug, the supporting characters are well integrated. He didn’t reveal whether Sung Jinwoo was one of them.
  • This is clarified in No-Resolution-4385’s post. According to the user, Jinwoo is still an important figure. The other characters from Solo Leveling would also be used for new arcs.
  • Let’s hope that the author doesn’t forget this premise and continues to include the characters from Solo Leveling in Ragnarok. After all, the anime was only made because of the fans. Otherwise, Jinwoo could suffer the same fate as Naruto: forgotten in another dimension.

    Where can I read Solo Leveling: Ragnarok? The story is currently only available to readers from South Korea via the Kakao app. In Germany it is not yet possible to read Solo Leveling: Ragnarok officially. But given its great popularity, the reading material should quickly find its way to us.

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