Söderström reveals the judge dialogue: “Began to have vomiting reflexes”

Linus Söderström was the big difference in the match series between Skellefteå and Linköping.
But it has taken a toll on the star goalkeeper.
– Over time, it has been rough and tough, he explains to TV4 Play

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Skellefteå defeated Linköping 2-0, a result that means they completed the sweep with 4-0. But the match series has been more even than the numbers show and, among other things, the first three matches went to extra time.

One of the big differences is spelled Linus Söderström. After Thursday night’s victory, the Skellefteå goalkeeper explained how demanding the match series has been for TV4 Play.

– Over time it has been rough and tough, in the sixth period most recently I had to go up to “Micke” Nord and say “You ‘Micke’ now it’s like this that I’ve started to have vomiting reflexes, so it’s ok if I go to the booth and throw up a little if I need to?”, “Yes, it’s calm Linus, it’s going well”, explained Söderström and continued:

– About as hard as it has felt. As each overtime period grew longer and longer, it is clear that it is wearing. But it’s fun, you have to be damn grateful. It is special to be a hockey player at this level and play such matches, you are damn grateful for that.

After the match, Söderström was also highly praised by TV4 Play expert Staffan Kronwall.

– They (Linköping) have not managed to outwit Linus Söderström, he is the difference in this series, I would say. He plays at a level all his own, Kronwall noted.

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