social networks in mourning after the death of Meriem, clandestinely aborted following a rape

social networks in mourning after the death of Meriem clandestinely

One more, one too many… in Morocco, supporters of a reform of the law on abortion and sexual relations outside marriage mobilized this week after the death of a teenager. Her name was Meriem and she was 14 years old. Victim of rape, she succumbed to a haemorrhage after an attempted clandestine abortion. In his memory, a collective organized a “ national mourning online “.

All day Tuesday, on Moroccan social networks, the same image: #MERIEM in capital letters on a green background. Below, the drawing of a drop of blood which could be a tear of red color. This image relayed by citizens, artists and influencers invited to write a few words in memory of the teenager.

Meriem, 14, died on September 6 in a rural town in the province of Midelt, 200 km south of Fez. Pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy resulting from rape, she lost too much blood during an abortion performed in a home, without the appropriate medical equipment.

keep up the pressure

At the origin of mourning digital » of Tuesday, September 20, the outlaw movement, also called Collectif 490, which campaigns for reform. In Morocco, article 490 of the penal code punishes sexual relations outside marriage and abortion is punishable by imprisonment. “ How many more deaths before the laws change? Can we read on the movement’s Instagram account.

For its co-founder, the director Sonia Terrab, the legislation does not protect women, on the contrary, it puts them in danger. She is convinced, we must maintain the pressure on politicians and this means giving great visibility to the repeated tragedies that Moroccan women suffer:

As long as there is no social pressure, as long as there is no pressure from public opinion and civil society, I have little hope that things will change. The pressure must also come from the people, because otherwise they will remain just as paralyzed.

Sonia Terrab, co-founder of Hors la Loi: “It’s also up to society to move”

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