Soccer: Anna Anvegård ahead of the European Championship qualifier with France

Anna Anvegård was only substituted in the 86th minute against England on Friday, even though she has shown good form in Häcken lately.


Women’s national football team

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  • – Yes, I always want to play and have still felt that I have been in very good shape in Häcken. At the same time, the people I compete with here do very well in the match, so there is not much to say about it.

    Faced with French resistance recently

    In Häcken, which played in the Champions League quarter-final against PSG in March, the striker got “gen repa” against French opposition, which she sees as an advantage.

    – It feels very good to come from the tough matches with a high tempo. It makes the transition here easier. There are many in PSG who are in the national team, so it is clear that there are some similarities.

    “At least as tough a match”

    Sweden played to a draw against reigning European champions England. And Zigiotti Olme thinks that France is reminiscent of that resistance.

    – It will be at least as tough a match. It’s nice that we have them at home.