“Soberversary”: do you know this trend?

Soberversary do you know this trend

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    Not drinking alcohol has never been so trendy. Celebrating your sobriety online through social networks is the new fashion of the moment. Its name: the “soberversary”. Today, even celebrities are getting into it.

    “Soberversary”: what is it?

    The “soberversary” corresponds to the contraction of the English words “sober” (sober in French) and “anniversary” (birthday in French). Be the anniversary of sobriety. This trend has imposed itself on social networks, by Internet users visibly proud to no longer drink alcohol and to share it with the whole world. While the consumption of alcoholic beverages has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges such as “Dry January” or “alcohol-free month” in French, have tried to make stopping alcohol consumption a trend.

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    A new social media trend

    Obviously, the movement has gained momentum on social networks. On Twitter as on Instagram or even TikTok, testimonials are multiplying to praise the merits of stopping alcohol consumption.

    Badly perceived from a social point of view for a long time, sobriety has now found its influencers. Stars like model Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s well-known outspoken wife, didn’t hesitate to share her sobriety anniversary on her account instagram. On Twitter, a user even shared a photo of her tattoo with the date of her “soberversary”.

    Far from Alcoholics Anonymous, the “soberversary” is a more modern celebration, reflecting today’s society where Internet users no longer hesitate to share the hardest moments of their lives. A way to find comfort and no longer feel alone, even through a screen.