So are the rules around sex and filling out Bachelorette 2024

So are the rules around sex and filling out Bachelorette

It was on April 1 that Bachelorette 2024 started on TV4. In this season, it is 28 years old Sonja Livbom who will date a bunch of guys, hoping to find the one.

Already in the first episodes, viewers have seen feelings sprout, sparks ignite and jealousy arise.

But the guys who are there aren’t the only ones who will date Sonja. During the course of the program, a whole series of guys are added in the hunt for Sonja’s heart. This at the same time as they have already started sending people home.

The Bachelorette 2024 is in full swing. Image source: TV4

The first to leave was Amir Ibrahim. This after making sexist comments about a woman’s breasts (the woman worked in production). Program manager Malin Stenbäck was hailed after giving Amir a thrashing in the afterword “The guys reveal everything”.

– If I were one of the other guys, I would have asked you to shut up, she said.

The kitty cat Joar Lavold has pointed out that not all guys are on the Bachelorette to find love. Image source: TV4

Some of the other guys have pointed out that not everyone is there for love. And that the maturity level of some… can be questioned.

Amir Ibrahim commented on a woman’s breasts. Image source: TV4 The rules around sex and alcohol

The further into the seasons you get – the more intimate it becomes between the Bachelorette/Bachelor and the guys/girls.

In order to “speed it all up” and ease the nerves a bit, it happens quite naturally that the participants get to drink some bubbly, maybe go to a wine tasting or simply eat a good dinner and have a glass out together.

While Sonja is out on pranks with one or more guys, the rest of the guys hang out in the house. And even there it is allowed to have a drink.

But when it comes to intimacy and alcohol – are there any rules that must be followed?

News24 reached out to the Bachelorette executive producer, Catherine Magnusson and asked first if mainly about the sex.

Sonja Livbom in Bachelorette 2024. Image source: TV4

– Swedish law applies throughout the recording and the few overnight stays that may take place at the end of the season are always on the participants’ terms. Production is constantly in close contact with everyone involved to ensure they are well.

The guys then have to sign the production’s code of conduct regarding behavior and alcohol.

– Production follows the guidelines and policies that apply. As a participant, you need to comply with and sign the production’s rules of conduct, for example that we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment, she says and continues:

– The production regularly talks to the participants to check how they are feeling during the recording. There are also rules and restrictions for the consumption of alcohol and they also need to be followed during a recording, she concludes.