Snow plows raise the alarm about attacks and hate: “You lose your will”

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Life as a snowplow can be hard and cold as it is – but now several in the profession testify that they are also scolded and jumped on, both online and in real life.

This week the snowplougher Andreas Bengtsson was out plowing in Vänersborg and according to him, the snowplows have become increasingly vulnerable. It is also said that snowballs have been thrown at them, something like the site TTELA was the first to report on.

– They say that you are the biggest idiot who walks in a pair of shoes and you must not put the snow there. It doesn’t get any more fun to sit there hour in and hour out and feel that whatever you do will be wrong, he says.

The jump affects Andreas and his colleagues a lot, and now he wonders if it is worth the trouble to

– People are more on edge this year. You lose the desire to show up and be on call from October to April, he says.

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