Snow can cause problems in traffic

Snow can cause problems in traffic



full screen A heavy snowfall in combination with windy weather can lead to poor visibility in the middle and northern parts of Uppland. Archive image. Photo: Mats Andersson/TT

SMHI has issued several warnings for snowfall and slippage that could cause traffic in central and southern Sweden.

– If you are in the orange warning area, you should, to the greatest extent possible, not venture out into traffic unnecessarily, says Emma Härenstam, meteorologist at SMHI.

An orange warning – the second level on a three-point scale – has been issued in the central and northern parts of Uppland until 7am on Sunday morning due to a snowfall area moving across the country.

– We have heavy snowfall and windy weather there. In connection with that, it will be snowy, and there may be reduced visibility, says Härenstam.

For the same reason, yellow warnings, the lowest level, have been issued in southern Gävleborg county, southern Uppland and northernmost Södermanland, northernmost Värmland and central Dalarna, as well as in parts of northwestern and southwestern Svealand.

Icy on the roads

In parts of western and central Svealand there is a yellow warning for icy conditions.

– There, it is the temperature of the road surfaces that drops rapidly. It freezes, which leads to it becoming slippery, says Härenstam.

The snow storm will slowly move east, according to SMHI.

– Already during the small hours and Sunday morning, it leaves the western parts of Svealand and Götaland. Then you can count on it remaining in the eastern parts during the morning hours, but then it calms down there as well, says Härenstam.

Canceled ferries

Yellow warnings for gales have been issued in the Bothnian Sea, Åland Sea and Archipelago Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegatt, Bälten, as well as in the north, south-east, south and south-west Baltic Sea.

During Sunday there is a yellow warning for wind on northernmost Gotland and Fårö.

Destination Gotland has canceled ferry traffic on the routes Visby–Nynäshamn and Nynäshamn–Visby in the morning and forenoon on Sunday.