SMHI warns – there will be snow here at Easter

SMHI warns there will be snow here at Easter

Greenland says a frontal system with accompanying rain and snow will affect the country in batches over the Easter weekend.

During the night towards Good Friday, snowfall increases in Jämtland and during the day rain in southern Norrland changes to snow or rain mixed with snow.

Over Götaland and parts of eastern Svealand, an area of ​​rain moves in from the southwest during the afternoon and evening.

Snowfall on Easter Eve

The snowfall in Norrland continues on Easter Eve, but moves towards the northeast during the day.

“What it leaves behind in southern Norrland and in large parts of Svealand is rather sunny weather,” says Greenland and continues:

– We also have a slightly warmer air mass that is being carried north. Thus rising temperatures as a result, which seems to have the greatest effect on Easter Sunday.

Rain can be expected on Easter Sunday

This can mean temperatures of around 15 degrees in the south. Plus degrees can also reach Västerbotten and southern Lapland.

The forecast for Easter Sunday is more uncertain.

— Right now we have yet another low pressure area that may affect above all Svealand and Götaland. In that case, rain is expected there.

According to Greenland, Easter Monday looks to follow the theme – with unsettled weather.

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