Smart cockpit of Chery TIGGO 7 PRO and 8 PRO will be in Turkey soon

Chery TIGGO 7 PRO And TIGGO 8 PRO‘s new top-equipped smart cockpit configurations will soon be available in the Turkish market.

Making a statement on this issue, Chery Türkiye stated the following:: “By offering technological hardware and smart technologies together, Chery is preparing to offer a high-level user experience with its new generation smart cockpit. Today, with the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing, automobiles have transformed from traditional means of transportation into mobile smart terminals. As an important part of automobile intelligence, the smart cockpit is gradually integrating an increasing number of driving, entertainment and lifestyle functions into automobiles. Thus, while the smart cockpit becomes an important element in terms of users’ car purchasing criteria, it becomes an important area for car brands to differentiate and compete. The smart cockpit developed by Chery differs from the traditional automobile cockpit as a result of its evolution and stands out with its features that are smart, comfortable and able to understand and meet user needs. The smart cockpit system consists of different electronic devices such as in-car infotainment systems, smart air conditioning systems, connected vehicle systems and perception interaction systems. The system leverages smart technology to provide a richer variety of different entertainment and practicality functions, enhancing the user’s vehicle experience in different areas.


Chery uses intelligence as a new technological label with the innovations it offers under the banner of “Tech Chery”. Focusing on smart cockpit and smart driving areas, Chery directs its entire product range with smart technology development, gaining a significant advantage in the field of smart technology with its strong software development skills and high-end hardware.

Chery sees the smart cockpit as an emotional companion in the automobile journey. The smart cockpit has an industry-leading architecture consisting of three computing centers and three main control centers, providing users with customizable services. While the hardware architecture supports the installation of over 100 control centers, the software architecture reveals the most comprehensive service-oriented approach in the industry.

Chery is the first company to use gigabit-level Ethernet architecture, which provides high-speed and secure data transmission. The architecture complies with regulations of over 50 countries and supports over 20 languages ​​and voice recognition. Chery’s smart driving system is a comprehensive solution that covers all driving scenarios. Powerful software and hardware capabilities bring the benefits of continuous data feedback and closed-loop iteration throughout the entire product lifecycle. This system provides users with high-end intelligent functions and user experiences.

Chery’s TIGGO 7 PRO and TIGGO 8 PRO models, which currently attract great attention in the market, offer a smart configuration feature in their higher-equipped versions. Based on Chery’s technological breakthroughs in the field of smart cockpits, these models feature smart entertainment cockpits and offer new smart driving experiences. The new versions offer users an even more qualified experience with features such as 24.6-inch smart dual screen, 64-color infinitely variable ambient lighting and 50W wireless fast charging. Users can easily control the in-car environment, enjoy the infotainment system, receive real-time information and fully enjoy the comfort and driving pleasure brought by the smart cockpit. “The new, highly equipped smart cockpit configurations of Chery TIGGO 7 PRO and TIGGO 8 PRO will be available for sale in the Turkish market soon.”