Smaller fights over housing in the big cities

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Bidding on housing in Sweden’s major cities has calmed down. The starting price is now closer to the closing price, according to Svensk Mäklarstatistik.

The difference is called in broker parlance the “bid effect”. During the second quarter of 2021, it was the largest for villas in Malmö and Gothenburg. Then the price of a villa landed an average of half a million above the starting price.

In Stockholm, the bidding effect on villas was greatest during the first quarter of this year, when the average price went up by one million kroner.

Now the bid effect in Stockholm is 2 percent for villas, which means that the difference between the starting and final price ends up at less than SEK 200,000.

In Gothenburg and Malmö, the bid effect is instead around zero percent.

For condominiums, the bid effect in Stockholm is now 5 percent, which means that prices are plus SEK 200,000 on average.

In Gothenburg, the bid effect on condominiums is 2 percent, corresponding to around SEK 100,000, and in Malmö, the bid effect on condominiums is zero.