Slimming: 15 foods to eat without moderation

Slimming 15 foods to eat without moderation

The energy devoted to digesting certain foods is sometimes higher than the energy they provide, as their calorie content remains low.

What is a negative calorie food?

Don’t dream, all foods provide more or less calories. However, some people would make us burn more calories to digest them than they would give us. The reason ? The presence of fibers which slow down the intestinal absorption of sugars and fats, hence the name ofnegative calorie foods.

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By choosing your foods, you can accelerate your energy expenditure. Your metabolism will be more efficient and your production of digestive enzymes will be boosted.

What are the foods to favor?

Raw vegetables, vegetables, broths, soups … Their consumption will only make you take in few calories, so you can consume them without moderation. But above all, beyond their low calorie intake, these foods provide many health benefits. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients, therefore essential for the functioning of the body. Crudités are also less caloric than a vegetable eaten cooked: for equal weight, there is more water in a vegetable when it has not been subjected to cooking. It is also better for health: it retains all of its vitamins and enzymes.

Be careful, however, to avoid frustrations and drastic diets. Choosing wisely the composition of your plate will simply allow you to favor healthy foods that will facilitate your feeling of satiety. But do not deprive yourself of other ingredients to compose your meals! Fibers, vitamins, lipids or even proteins allow your body to produce the necessary energy, manufacture the constituents of your cells and maintain its chemical balances. Diets of raw vegetables or broths are dangerous for health, because they create physiological deficiencies and psychological frustrations.

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The Gherkin
The pickle energizes your digestive system. Rich in water, low in calories or a source of beta-carotene, it stimulates gastric secretions. The pickle also fights against oxidative stress.