Skyshards of Galen (Firesong) Guide

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The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will receive the new zone DLC Firesong on November 1, 2022. In the new area, Galen and Y’ffelon, there are again sky shards and skill points to collect. MeinMMO author MiezeMelli tells you where to find them.

What are skyshards? Skyshards are strikingly glowing crystals found in the lands of Tamriel. You can see them from a distance because of the blue-white glowing beam they emit into the sky.

The Skyshards can be discovered and collected by players. Collecting 3 Skyshards gives the player 1 skill point. So it’s really worth going in search of the glowing crystals. They can be found both in vaults and outdoors.

Unfortunately, they are not cross-character. However, you can purchase the Skyshards for a territory in the Crown Store once you have collected them with one of your characters.

How To Get All Skyshards From Galen (Firesong)

As with the other zones in ESO, there are some Skyshards to discover in this zone DLC. There are a total of 6 Skyshards in this DLC, including 4 in open air and 2 in vaults. That corresponds to a total of 2 skill points for your character.

Here you can see the map with the markers for the skyshards on the island of Galen and Y’ffelon.

Here you get an overview of which places you have to visit.

If you still need to find Skyshards in other areas, check out our guides below:

Outdoor Skyshards by Galen and Y’ffelon (Firesong):

Let’s start with the sky shards, which you can find relatively relaxed in the open world.

Skyshard 1 – Through a tunnel in Glimmerberg Lake, on a balcony with a view

The best way to reach this skyshard is via the Glimmerberg Lake Wayshrine. From there, move to the next fork in the road and head south there. Danger! You can only really access the Skyshard from this side.

Skyshard 2 – Near an interesting bridge made out of a tree at Ivyshire

This Skyshard can be found in Llanshara. Travel to the Llanshara Wayshrine and follow the path north. There you have to muddle through some branches until you reach the skyshard. Make sure you follow the dotted path on your map.

Skyshard 3 – Between two rocks in the hills northwest of Tuinh

This skyshard is located southeast of Sunrift Grotto. There are two paths that are about the same length:

  • Option A: Travel to the Cindervine Wayshrine first and head south along the way. At the crossroads you have to choose the path to the east and then walk towards the skyshard.
  • Option B: Travel to the East Banks Wayshrine and head north along the way. There you will meet the Skyshard near the coast.
  • Skyshard 4 – Southeast of the faund thicket on a ledge surrounded by rock

    This skyshard is located near the volcanic vent around Vastyr. Travel to the Vastyr Outskirts Wayshrine and head north across fields. At the highest point in the area is the shard. To get to the top, you will have to walk around it for a loop.

    Skyshards in Vaults of Galen and Y’ffelon (Firesong):

    Skyshard 5 – In the faund thicket on the crumbling steps of the southern cliffs

    This skyshard can be found in the dungeon “Faundickicht”. You can access it via the wayshrine of Y’ffre’s Path. From there, head south.

    Once you have entered the vault, choose the left of the two paths. A short time later you should already discover the Skyshard on your left side.

    Skyshard 6 – Above the magma pools near the northern tip of Embervine

    This Skyshard is located in the Ember Potion vault. Travel to the Llanshara Wayshrine and head southeast.

    Once you have entered the vault, first follow the path straight ahead. At the end of the path you will reach the entrance to the 2nd level, the upper view. After entering it, keep to the right. In the north of the map you will reach another entrance to the inner caverns on the way.

    On this 3rd level there are 3 different paths. Choose the middle path north. At the end you reach the last entrance and can enter the jungle view. After you’ve done that, you can already see the skyshard.

    Collecting all of the Skyshards will also earn you the Galen Skyshard Hunter achievement.

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