Skull & Bones: Treasure Maps – Where to find them and what rewards there are

Skull & Bones wouldn’t be a pirate game without treasure maps and of course you can find treasures of various levels of rarity. You can read about which cards are available, where you can find them and what the rewards are here.

There are a total of four different rarity levels for treasure cards, which give you different rewards:

  • Contract cards
  • General maps
  • Old treasure maps
  • Legendary treasure maps
  • Since Skull & Bones was only released recently, not all treasure maps are known yet. We will continue to update this guide. Not all German terms are known yet. We therefore mostly use English here.

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    Obtain and use treasure maps

    How do you get treasure maps? You get treasure cards as a reward for completing certain game loops. There are tickets if you…

  • … completes contracts (these are the side quests of Skull & Bones)
  • … advances the main mission
  • …loots them from sinking enemy ships
  • …complete PvP and PvE events
  • How do treasure maps work? When you collect treasure maps in Skull & Bones, you have to open them and read them. The map gives you clues via text, but also with pictures. Some, like the legendary maps, even mark a specific outpost for you to head to.

    With the help of the tips on the map, you finally set off in search of your treasure. But before you start your treasure hunt, remember to have enough cargo space in your ship so that you can take all of your reward with you.

    These treasure maps are available in Skull & Bones

    Contract cards

    With contract cards you go on customized adventures with very specific rewards.

    Currently known contract cards:

  • Lost Sea People Relic
  • Fort Louis, Tenina Coast: Run a few steps and turn left
  • Rewards: Windswept, First Aid Station, 2 Sea People Tokens, Boneforged, Sea People Bottom Case
  • Port l’Hermine
  • Oubilette Outpost: Run straight towards a torch and look for the red light that marks the treasure
  • Rewards: 7,100 Silver, Melusine’s Pose, 2 Lamba Cloth, 7 Iroko Plank
  • Caradec’s Bounty
  • Royal Burial Ground: Look at the top right corner of the map. Look for a wooden stick with an X on it
  • Rewards: 2 Brandy, Letter of Marque, Caradec’s Bounty, Bombard I, Campaign Progress
  • Agent’s Clues (Part of a quest chain)
  • Sunken Goldmine Outpost (West): Follow the path to a campfire. The treasure is next to the X
  • Rewards: Agent’s Stash
  • General maps

    This is the type of treasure map you can get the fastest. They are quite easy to solve and don’t require too much brainpower from you.

    Currently known general maps:

  • Reef Sea
  • Royal Burial Ground: Once you arrive, run up the stairs and follow the path to the left
  • Rewards: N/A
  • Sultani Island
  • Kaa Mangrove Outpost: Run right and follow the wooden path
  • Reward: N/A
  • Chihomeneah Jungle
  • Lost City of Prei: Run straight for a bit and then turn left – look for a white stone with a turtle painted on it
  • Reward: N/A
  • Navigator’s Cross
  • Pillar Tomb Outpost: Follow the stairs up – there is the treasure
  • Reward: N/A
  • Tenina Coast
  • Fort Louis, Tenina Coast: Look for a small white stone with a crab painted on it
  • Rewards: N/A
  • Old treasure maps

    The old treasure maps are a bit more difficult than the contract and general maps. Here you have to demonstrate an eye for detail.

    Currently known old treasure maps:

  • Sultanate of Zohar
  • Elder’s Cave Outpost: Follow the middle path and turn right just before the entrance
  • Rewards: 3,748 Silver, Melusine’s Splendor, 2 Ornate Pistols, 5 Wine, 7 Juniper
  • Legendary treasure maps

    These cards are the most sought after. You can only get them by completing PvP and PvE events. They are intended exclusively for the best pirates and challenge you.

    How do I get Legendary Treasure Maps? We will explain the process to you using an example for the launch of the game:

    Take part in a world event like the PvP Cutthroat Cargo Hunt. Once you have joined the event, you will be marked as a target. This means that other players can attack and sink you. So be on your guard.

    The legendary treasure map will be floating in the water here – collect it and activate it. It’s best to leave the PvP area beforehand.

    One of the outposts that legendary cards can lead you to.

    Danger: When this legendary card is active, an outpost you need to head to will be marked with a skull. You can then only invest there. All other outposts are blocked. You can’t fast travel either!

    Once you have arrived at the marked outpost, start your treasure hunt with the tips mentioned above: texts and images on the map. For example, look for certain trees, strangely shaped rocks or pieces of furniture.

    If you are close enough to your treasure, a red light appears – you have made it. Now dig for your reward. There are high quality and rare items for legendary cards.

    Currently known legendary treasure maps:

  • Name not known, found in the PvP event Cutthroat Cargo Hunt
  • As more cards become known, we will expand the list. In order to recover the treasure maps and raise the treasures, you definitely need a ship. In order to get your initial sloop suitable for the high seas, you will need a lot of acacia wood. You can read how to get it quickly here: Collecting acacia – Where to find the wood and how to mine it