Skull & Bones: Collect Acacia

Skull & Bones is finally live and you can now set sail yourself. Ship battles are the bread and butter of the game, as is improving your ship. For this and for some quests you need acacia wood. We have all the information about it for you here.

What do you need acacia wood for? Acacia wood is a resource required early on in Skull & Bones. It is used to upgrade your first ship. Later you will also need it to build new ships. The raw material is also required in quests.

Where do you find acacia wood? You can find acacia wood in these locations in the Indian Ocean of Skull & Bones:

  • Saint Anne
  • The Giant’s Leap
  • North of Noisy Be
  • We have marked the locations on the map for you:

    The red X does not mark treasure, but deposits of acacia wood.

    Probably the best spot for farming acacia wood is the entrance to the small lagoon north of the branch in the west of Saint-Anne, marked here with a yellow tent symbol. It is the spot closest to the branch and you will find four different acacia wood spots here.

    Collecting acacia wood – how does it work?

    How do you collect acacia wood? Acacias always grow in small groups of three to four trees. You can recognize them by their light green leaves and the light-colored trunk.

    To collect the wood you need a saw and your sloop. You get a saw quite early in the game as part of the Tools of Trade quest line. If you don’t have one yet, you can ask the carpenter in Saint-Anne to make one for you with a piece of metal and two torn sails.

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    To use the saw, you must navigate your ship as close as possible to the acacia deposits and select the Harvest action. This starts a mini-game:

    You will now see a small, moving arrow. Click with the left mouse button or press the action button when the arrow points to the green part of the corresponding bar. This is how you get the most wood.

  • Green area: You will get an acacia wood if you clicked on the green area in time.
  • Yellow area: If you hit yellow twice, you get nothing. On the third hit you will receive an acacia wood.
  • Gray area: You will not receive any acacia wood here.
  • Another player is already working on a spot? Don’t worry, resources respawn very quickly. Waiting times of longer than a minute are unusual.

    Can I collect acacia wood without the mini-game? Yes! If you look in the Settings in the Gameplay tab, you will find the Auto Collect option. If you turn it on, all you have to do is be close enough to the acacia spots and click on harvest.

    Just keep in mind that the game collects one wood per acacia tree. With the minigame you can get up to four pieces of wood per tree.

    Once you’ve collected enough acacia wood, you can upgrade your ship – or even get a brand new one. Here we have 2 of the best ships you need at sea for you.