Skate 4 First Look

Skate 4 First Look

With Skate 4, we are introduced to the innovative gameplay mechanics and realistic physics engine of this legendary series that revolutionized the world of skateboarding games.

Developed by Full Circle and published by Electronic Arts. Skate 4 Developer diary video about it has been published. We have compiled for you a video that provides information about the new game of the skateboarding game series, which was first released in 2007, and information provided specifically for Merlin’s Cauldron.

What kind of game will Skate 4 be?

The Skate series, unlike traditional skateboarding games, has an innovative control system called Flick-It. This system allows players to perform various skateboarding tricks using the analog stick. Flick-It mechanics, which allow you to make precise and accurate movements to provide a realistic skateboarding experience, have helped the series stand out from other skateboarding games and gain a large fan base.

EA has completely rebuilt the Flick-It system for the new Skate 4 game. The goal is to make each trick more fun and satisfying. Whether you’re alone or with friends, you’ll have the tools to create your own fun anywhere in San Vansterdam.

Exploring and Customizing in San Vansterdam

Players will be able to customize their characters and skateboards with the rewards they earn and unlock new objects to place in the world. San Vansterdam is inspired by San Vanelona and Port Carverton, and like a real city, it has its own quirky, rich history and legends. The focus is currently on the city center area, offering players a variety of opportunities.

The team is working to create a vast library of music that you won’t get tired of after a few months and that constantly evolves based on what you choose to listen to. The narrative is also being worked on and we will be able to restore our new home, San Vansterdam.

A Long-Term Gaming Experience

The foundation of Skate is self-expression, so players are given many options to customize their characters the way they want in skateboarding. What the developers are most excited about is that they are building a game that can live, grow and develop with you for many years to come. The city, story, outfits, music, game modes, and more will continue to evolve and change from season to season.

You can watch the game’s developer diary video below.