Six women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual violence

Six women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual violence

The former French Minister of Ecology Nicolas Hulot announced Wednesday evening his withdrawal from public life, ahead of new accusations of sexual violence against his person. Thursday night on the TV show Correspondent, broadcast on France 2, three women testified with faces uncovered against his actions, another anonymously, and two by letters addressed to the editorial staff of the show.

In all, six women testify throughout the show against Nicolas Hulot, former president of the Nicolas Hulot foundation and former French Minister of Ecology for acts which allegedly took place between 1989 and 2001.

Cécile worked in 1998 at the French Embassy in Moscow. She was 23 years old at the time. After an evening spent with Nicolas Hulot’s team when he was managing Ushuaia magazine, she finds herself in a taxi with him. Cécile returns to this episode: ” He throws himself on me, he tries to kiss me, he touches my breasts, the crotch (…) I pushed him away, I hit him in the face.

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Sylvia, she says she was sexually assaulted in 1989 in a parking lot at the age of 16 by Nicolas Hulot. She only told her mother and a friend years later and did not file a complaint: “ It was inconceivable for me to go and confide this to anyone (…) and then who was going to believe me? A 16-year-old girl, Nicolas Hulot … »She finally decided to free herself from this terrible weight by giving this interview to Correspondent.

Bulk rejection

Nicolas Hulot refused to answer face camera to these accusations despite the requests of the show. He gave his version of the facts by telephone and regrets not being able to defend himself in court: “ It is so abject, so odious, so far light years from what I was, from what I am … we can no longer defend ourselves!

In addition to his withdrawal from public life, Nicolas Hulot also announced last Wednesday that he was stepping down as president of his foundation. The facts are time barred and there will be no inquiries into these charges.

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