Single winner takes home 14 billion in lottery winnings

A player has won 1.33 billion dollars, corresponding to around 14 billion Swedish kronor, on the Powerball lottery game in the United States.
It is the eighth largest ever win in the history of the game.

Only one person managed to match all the numbers in Saturday’s Powerball game, AP reports.

Thus, a single winner takes home the jackpot of 1.3 billion US dollars, corresponding to 14 billion Swedish kronor.

If the person chooses to receive the money over a 30-year period, they receive the total amount, but most people choose a lump sum, and then the amount in this case ends up at $621 million, corresponding to around SEK 6.6 billion, before tax.

Seven other people managed to match five numbers and won over a million dollars each.

Costs two dollars

The Powerball lottery is one of America’s largest and is available in 45 states. A ticket costs two dollars, equivalent to 21 Swedish kronor. The player chooses five white balls and one red ball. The jackpot goes to the person who matched all of them in the correct order. The chance is minimal.

The biggest prize ever was awarded in 2022. Then a person in California won 2.04 billion dollars, corresponding to around 22 billion Swedish kronor.