Simon Falguières, theater in the firmament

Simon Falguieres theater in the firmament

In the firmament of the Théâtre de la Tempête, the director and actor Simon Falguières takes the spectators on an intimate journey into an imaginary all in chiaroscuro. A fable that sparkles with poetry and wonder.

It is an epic and poetic fable, a dreamlike and humorous tale, which shows at every second the tremendous power of creation and theater. A total show filled with lightness and depth, a journey in the imagination between shadows and lights, which speaks to us of loss and mourning, family and transmission. We laugh, we are moved, and we let ourselves be carried away to the stars, by the magic of the stage and the humanity of these characters made of flesh and bone, of slime and paper, of wood or metal that reveal a part of ourselves.

Seven actors for thirteen characters including the author-director and actor Simon Falguieres is the guest of VMDN. ” The stars » shine at the Théâtre de la Tempête until February 5th.

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