Signing of a cooperation framework agreement between Rwanda and the Comoros

Signing of a cooperation framework agreement between Rwanda and the

Dhoihir Dhoulkamal and Vincent Biruta, Rwandan and Comorian foreign ministers, signed a framework cooperation agreement on Monday in Moroni. Kigali and Moroni want to strengthen their relationship. On the sidelines of this visit, Rwanda also expressed its willingness to support the Comoros during the next presidency of the African Union.

With our correspondent in the Comoros, Abdullah Mzembaba

The only candidate for the presidency of the african union, the Comoros will lead the continental organization for the first time. During his visit, the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vincent Biruta, guaranteed the Comorian side the accompaniment and support of Kigali: “Rwanda will support the Comoros for the chairmanship of the African Union, and we are ready to exchange experiences and make the chairmanship of the Comoros a success. »

During a brief meeting with the President Azali Assoumani, Vincent Biruta made a point of congratulating him in advance and explaining to him important subjects of the continent, in particular what is happening in the Great Lakes region. Hamada Madi Boléro, diplomatic adviser to President Azali Assoumani, reports that ” the Rwandan diplomat took the opportunity to explain the regional situation to the President of the Republic and to ask that the future President of the African Union invest in getting out of this difficult situation that the populations of the region are experiencing. »

With regard to the framework cooperation agreement, several areas are concerned such as tourism, agriculture, education and even energy. A permanent joint commission will soon be set up, in particular to determine the priority activity sectors.

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