Significant security issue in the server used by BMW

Significant security issue in the server used by BMW

Security researcher Can Yoleri, working for SOCRadar company, detected a significant security problem in the server used by BMW.

TechCrunch has learned A cloud storage server used by automotive giant BMW had a security issue (Improper configuration) that exposed sensitive company information, including private transaction keys and data used within the company. In his statement to the site the mentioned situation Yoleri said he discovered it during routine internet browsing.While the Microsoft Azure based server should normally be down It says it was accidentally made public. It is not yet known how long the server has been open to the public, a BMW spokesperson said in a statement that It says that no customer or employee data is at risk. The company spokesperson also states that they resolved this problem at the beginning of 2024 and continue to monitor the situation with their partners.


One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers BMW, It is often stated that manual transmission will not be in the future. from those who brought. Yes, the company last came up with this issue. BMW board member Frank Weber recently what he did, “Manual M series cars are great fun, but to be honest, their volumes are getting smaller and smaller. That’s why it doesn’t make much sense to develop Ms with manual transmission anymore. “If you want to own a manual M, you should buy it without delay.” He made a splash with his statement.

bmwthey put an end to the “DCT” adventure in the “M” series in the past months. he said. Company “M” It sells many exciting vehicles under its series, that is, its high-performance car series. The company does not own any of these vehicles. DCT (Dual Clutch) transmission does not use it, as it was clearly stated recently Does not plan to use it in the future.

Development manager of BMW M Dirk Hacker He told Top GearThere is no such thing as dual clutch in BMW’s M series anymore. Now manual or automatic, in the future automatic electric.He made a remarkable statement like ” Dirk Hacker stated that the new automatic transmissions are faster than the DCT at high speeds and said that they wanted to leave the DCTs behind due to the smooth ride achieved at low speeds.