“Should just one get to take the whole shit?”

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Henrik Stenson has to endure enormous criticism in golf Sweden.
Now the TV profile Ola Wenström strikes back after all the heat against the golf star.
“So it’s a single golfer who should have the whole shit?”, writes the presenter on Facebook.

Ever since Henrik Stenson made the controversial decision to leave the European and PGA tours for the reviled LIV tour, he has been met with massive criticism from all over golf-Sweden. On Thursday, the next big blow came when the Swedish Golf Association decided to break completely with Stenson.

Stenson’s criticism

The golf star has been an ambassador for para and junior golf in Sweden for several years, but is now not allowed to continue with that role. Because the golf association doesn’t think he’s a good role model anymore.

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220606 Henrik Stenson during the inauguration of Golf’s hall of fame on June 6, 2022 in Landskrona. Photo: Christian Örnberg / BILDBYRÅN / COP 166 / CO0187

Stenson also risks being excluded from all majors going forward after signing for the LIV tour. Everywhere on social media, the 46-year-old is met by seriously critical voices and digital boos.

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Wenström’s answer

Now comes the next voice in the discussion and it is the experienced TV host Ola Wenström, previously for many years at Viasat and TV4, who enters the debate with his own views. The TV profile hits back against all the harsh words written about Stenson and instead wants to double down on the signals sent from the confederation.
“Is the values-lost and person-cancelling public the new pandemic? And the frenzy against Henrik Stenson, one of the latest and clearest examples? That people have opinions on his choice of path in work life and on the sports scene is perfectly fine. But the fact that the entire confederation roasts and de-tolls him publicly and in total feels completely out of proportion and reasonable. A single individual athlete, that is,” writes Wenström in a post on Facebook, see the full post below.

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171204 Viaplay’s Ola Wenström in the studio when Sweden’s EC handball squad is presented during a press conference on December 4, 2017 in Stockholm. Photo: Andreas L Eriksson / Bildbyrån / code AE ​​/ Cop 106

He then goes on to give more examples of controversial actions in Sweden that do not seem to receive as much criticism as Henrik Stenson’s case.
“At the same time, fine SOK are more than happy to participate in game after game in Russia and China. The Golf Association denies the support and future of para and junior players but continues to embrace other players as well as entire tours that live on money from…the same place. The Swedish Football Association takes out players from various clubs with questionable values ​​and the delegation to Qatar, yes, it will go to the World Cup. Represent and rub. And then Sweden as a nation: exports worth ten billion kroner a year, constant and frequent great efforts to expand trade, including through arms sales to an ongoing war with the Saudis as one party. But it is therefore a single golfer who should have the whole shit. Rhyme, reason, perspective?”, writes Wenström.

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