Shot himself in the arm – linked to several bombs

When the police were called to the man’s residence in Vetlanda last fall, he had shot himself in the arm with a homemade shotgun. At the scene, the police found several weapons and ammunition, something the Vetlanda post reported on earlier.

The shooting was the start of a trail that led the police further into two other investigations. Information was found in the man’s phone that could link him to a bomb of 9.9 kilos of dynamite. The bomb had been found in a car a year earlier.

Can be attached to two bombs

The almost ten kilo bomb was found in a car in Skillingaryd in the fall of 2022, the man’s DNA was on the bomb. The man who drove the car must also have stayed in the man’s home the day before the bomb was found.

When the man is now charged, it turns out that he can be connected to another bomb, reports Vetlanda-Posten.

In a basement storage room in Jönköping, the police found a thermos bomb last year. The police had been alerted about a man under the influence of drugs and searched the man’s home and storage. The affected man was sentenced to prison for drug offences, but could not be linked to the bomb.

It was unknown for a long time who was behind the remote-controlled thermos bomb, but the police found fingerprints and DNA that could now be matched to the man who shot himself in the arm. The prosecutor believes that he manufactured the bomb and then passed it on.

Charged with several crimes

The man is now charged with a series of crimes, five of which are linked to the bombs linked to him. For the ten-kilogram dynamite bomb, he is charged with gross violation of the law on flammable, explosive goods as well as preparation for grossly illegal threats and preparation for public destruction.

For the thermos bomb that was found in the basement storage, he is charged with preparation for public destruction and violation of the Act on Flammable and Explosive Goods.