Shooting at a Finnish school – several children injured

It was at nine o’clock local time that the police were alerted to a shooting at a school in Vantaa outside Helsinki in Finland. Several people have been injured and one person has been arrested, according to Finnish police.

To Iltalehti the police in Östra Nyland state that three children have been injured in the shooting. Witnesses to several Finnish media have reported ambulances leaving the school grounds with sirens on.

Perpetrator arrested near school

The suspected perpetrator was arrested near the school and is a minor, the police said Iltalehti. Film clips published in Finnish media show how police officers bring a person into a larger police car.

The school is a primary school in the district of Bäckby (Viertola) and has around 800 pupils between years. On site at the school were both a large number of police cars and also ambulances.

Police urge the public to stay away from the area and stay indoors.

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