Shocker star causes disgust, horror and fits of laughter in the first trailer

Shocker star causes disgust horror and fits of laughter in

Two endlessly entertaining horror highlights of recent years have simply passed large parts of the audience by: X and Pearl unleash bloody shocker cinema with genre queen Mia Goth. Director Ti West wants to conclude his trilogy shortly with MaXXXine, which follows on from Part 1. There is now also a first trailer.

Check out the first trailer for MaXXXine here:

MaXXXine – Trailer (English) HD

Horror film MaXXXine turns Hollywood into a bloodbath

In MaXXXine, the protagonist from X, erotic star MaXXXine (Goth) wants to start an acting career in Los Angeles. However, becoming a screen heroine for the masses is proving more difficult than expected. And soon Liters of blood flow again.

So far, Ti West has managed to deliver a true horror spectacle to the audience with both X and Pearl. In particular, leading actress Mia Goth, who plays a dual role in part 1 and embodies the eponymous, unpredictable farmer’s daughter in the prequel Pearl, is convincing in every scene. Your performance in front of the camera is amazing, Despair, naivety, joy and psychopathic cruelty together.

When is MaXXXine coming to the cinema?

MaXXXine is due on July 4, 2024 appear in German cinemas. In addition to Goth, Elizabeth Debicki (Tenet) and Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian) will be seen in front of the camera.

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