Shock and disappointment at the emergency room in Köping: “At the expense of human life”

During Thursday, parts of the staff at Köping Hospital were able to participate in a question and answer session with the Social Democrats’ group leader in the Riksdag, Lena Hallengren, who visited the hospital due to the decision to close down the emergency care.

Nurses Susanna Holm and Donika Bajrami work in the emergency department at Köping Hospital and are both against the decision to close down.

– It will be unreasonable for stroke patients, among other things, where time is so important. The patients within the KAK area will have to go to Västerås and it will take another 20 minutes. I think it’s appalling, says Susanna Holm.

“A little hard to believe”

At the same time, Kenneth Östberg (S), opposition councilor in the Västmanland regional council, has said that the party will tear up the decision if the Social Democrats win the next election. But it is not a statement that nurse Donika Bajrami dares to believe.

– You get a little hope that this might not go through, but I still have a bit of a hard time believing that. I try to see what is here and now, and not think too much ahead, she says.

“Confounding to understand” – in the clip, staff react to the decision to close the emergency room in Köping.