Shekarabi’s boot against Brandberg during debate on TV4

During a debate on the recent violence against women in intimate relationships, Ardalan Shekarabi (S), vice chairman of the justice committee, expressed his dissatisfaction with having to debate the issue with Minister for Gender Equality Paulina Brandberg (L) instead of with Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer (M).
– I reacted very strongly and think it is remarkable that Ardalan Shekarabi engages in this kind of ruling technique, says Paulina Brandberg to TV4 Nyheterna after the debate.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the government will allocate 18 million kroner to the work against violence in close relationships. The money will go to municipal and regional efforts to combat men’s violence against women and honour-related violence.

The announcement comes after several women were murdered in a short time by men they know.

The issue of the efforts to prevent men’s violence against women was debated on TV4 Nyheterna at 10 pm on Tuesday evening. In the debate, the justice committee’s vice-chairman Ardalan Shekarabi (S) and gender equality minister Paulina Brandberg (L) met.

A bit into the debate, Ardalan Shekarabi (S) expressed dissatisfaction that Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer was not present to debate the issue.

– Actually, you should look at this type of crime as you look at other types of deadly violence. But you don’t really do that. Normally, I stand and debate against Gunnar Strömmer, who is the Minister of Justice. But when it comes to violence and murder of women, it is a cabinet minister from the Ministry of Labor that I am debating against. It shows that one has the wrong perspective.

Paulina Brandberg has been a prosecutor, surely she should know this area?

– Absolutely, but it is the minister who is responsible for the police and who must answer why this type of activity is closed, says Ardalan Shekarabi and refers to the now closed special unit “Igor” within the police that worked with violence in close relationships .

Ulf Kristofferson: Shekarabi knew who he was going to face

TV4 Nyheternas Ulf Kristofferson, who led the debate, says that Ardalan Shekarabi knew he would be meeting Minister of Gender Equality Paulina Brandberg and not Gunnar Strömmer.

– We chose to invite Paulina Brandberg because she is committed to the issue and because on Tuesday she met the chairman of Unizon, which organizes most of the women’s shelters in Sweden. It was also in connection with that meeting that the news about the government’s new initiative against violence against women was presented, says Ulf Kristofferson.

After the debate, Paulina Brandberg tells TV4 Nyheterna that violence against women is an issue for her as well.

– As Minister for Gender Equality, I have a heavy responsibility in Sweden’s government, including when it comes to combating men’s violence against women. When Ardalan Shekarabi speaks in that way, he diminishes that work, which I think is very remarkable, says Paulina Brandberg.

TV4 Nyheterna has sought Ardalan Shekarabi’s staff for a comment regarding Paulina Brandberg’s criticism.