“She should be praised for that”

Stina Nilsson has done her part as a biathlete.
Now the sisters Hanna and Elvira Öberg reveal their feelings about it.
– I was not prepared for it to come, says Elvira to SVT.

It came out of nowhere last week. Stina Nilsson had decided and ended his career as a biathlete with immediate effect.

Stina changes sports

The 30-year-old is putting the rifle on the shelf for good and is now taking the step over to long-distance running instead. Now the star sisters give Hanna Öberg and Elvira Öberg his first words about the surprising news from Stina.

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240301 Stina Nilsson of Sweden at zeroing ahead of women’s 15 km individual during the IBU World Cup on March 1, 2024 in Oslo. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0880

However, it was no great surprise within the Swedish national biathlon team that Nilsson chooses to leave after four years in the sport. But the exact timing of the announcement came like a bolt from the blue.
– It’s exciting. She has always said that this is on g at some point. Then I wasn’t prepared for it to come now, but it will be fun to see. If she takes on something, she does it to the fullest so it will be fun to follow, says Elvira to SVT.

Öberg’s first words

Stina Nilsson has already signed a two-year contract with the Norwegian star team Team Ragde Charge and will start competing in Ski Classics this coming winter.
– As a person, I am one hundred percent one way or the other and when I feel ready with it, which I did after I made the decision, it has been like closing a book and opening a new one, she says herself about the decision to changing sports for the second time in his career.

The article continues after the picture.

240325 Elvira Öberg, Piteå Biathlon Club 1 and Hanna Öberg, Piteå Biathlon Club 1 after the biathlon singlemix relay during day 6 of the SM week on March 25, 2024 in Boden. Photo: Carl Sandin / BILDBYRÅN / code CS / CS0530

Hanna Öberg is extremely impressed by Nilsson’s courage and always listening to his heart.
– She really goes her own way and that is something that you can only be impressed by. I don’t think anyone could have influenced her when she decided, and she should be praised for choosing and daring to make a change, Hanna told the TV channel.

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