She is the unknown daughter of Irma Lethosalo

She is the unknown daughter of Irma Lethosalo

Marko “Markoolio” Lehtosalo and his mother Irma Lehtosalo took the entire Swedish people by storm with his construction program “Marko & Irma”, which is currently in its second season on TV4.

In addition to participating in her own construction program, Irma has been a guest on talk shows and made her own song on Spotify called “Bävling”. On Spotify, the song has almost 2.8 million plays.

The word beaver is a mixture of the animals badger and beaver, which Irma in one episode of the series had difficulty telling the difference between, which gave birth to the word.

Therefore, Irma Lehtosalo did not join Markoolio’s grand birthday celebration

Follow along in the renovation of Irma’s plot

Marko bought his mother a house for the first time twelve years ago, so she would have a new healthier lifestyle. But over time the house, which was her everything, became old and unlivable in its present condition.

So in the program’s first season, we get to follow the extensive renovation project to rebuild and equip the house and the relationship between Marko and Irma today.

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Marko has been known for a long time

Now in the second season, we get to follow Marko and Irma as they spruce up the grounds around the house and invent other craziness.

Marko has been a known profile much longer than Irma. Both through his music career, but he has also appeared in a number of different television programs. But did you know the profile has two siblings?

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She is Irma’s unknown daughter

Irma has three children, each of two more secretive and not known like her brother. A daughter named Mirka and a son named Mikko. Both are siblings of Marko but live an ordinary life without celebrity.

But in this week’s episode of Marko and Irma, you actually get a glimpse of sister Mirka.

She comes to visit mother Irma in her new house and helps to inaugurate the newly built pool that Irma got on her property.

Marko and Mirka. Photo: TV4/Screen image

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