Sharp warning to Ebba Andersson – after Frida Karlsson’s collapse in the Tour de Ski: “Didn’t have control”

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A sick Ebba Andersson had to follow the Tour de Ski from the sofa.
Then she saw national team colleague Frida Karlsson collapse completely.
– It was nasty, says Ebba Andersson to Expressen.

The Swedish star Ebba Andersson started the ski season brilliantly with several podium places. Then she tested positive for covid-19, and after that there hasn’t been a single start for the 25-year-old from Sollefteå.

Ebba’s comeback

Now, however, Ebba Andersson will be ready to go out on the track again. But the time without competitors has not been completely easy.
– It has been a different time for me. This part of the year is usually busy when the competitions just replace each other. But I quickly had to shift my focus when I saw those two lines on the corona test, says Ebba Andersson to Expressen.

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Instead of competing, Ebba Andersson has had to follow the World Cup and Tour de Ski from the TV sofa, something that of course increased her desire to ski again.
– I was actually very keen to go up that hill again, she says, referring to the last stage of the Tour de Ski.

A stage where she had to see national team colleague and friend Frida Karlsson collapse completely.
– It was nasty already when it was noticed how Frida got more and more tired and lost the action in her skating. It felt like she no longer had control over what she was doing, says Ebba Andersson.

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“Don’t just be me”

Ebba Andersson got to see the race in retrospect, as she was out training at the time. And before she turned on the competition, she was warned.
– It was lucky that I saw it in hindsight so that mum and dad had time to tell them that it still ended well. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it looked nasty.

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Andersson is now preparing for a comeback where she plans to compete in the Kopparskidan/Scandinavian Cup.
– I expect that I will have good competitions here. The status is quite good. If I didn’t think things would go fast for me here, I wouldn’t be here.

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