Sharon Stone, unrecognizable at 65, has she fallen for cosmetic surgery?

Sharon Stone unrecognizable at 65 has she fallen for cosmetic

This Friday, March 10, 2023, Sharon Stone celebrated her 65th birthday and took advantage of this day to make fun of hyaluronic acid injections in the lips. Here is the picture that speaks for itself.

Sharon Stone just celebrated her 65th birthday! To celebrate this special day, the American actress seems to have wanted to gratify her Instagram subscribers with her legendary sense of humor with a surprising post.

The crazy photo of Sharon Stone for her birthday

The 65-year-old actress did not hesitate to make fun of cosmetic surgery in a series of shots at the height of self-mockery. Photographed on her sofa, Sharon Stone poses in pajamas, hair in battle, with a pair of XXL glasses and above all an oversized red mouth. In caption, the phrase “I did it. Finally.” referring to a possible injection of hyaluronic acid. A joke validated by its 3.6 million subscribers who very quickly got into its game.It looks completely natural” launched a first before being joined by another Internet user: “You can barely see the difference“.

Sharon Stone promotes natural beauty

This photo is actually a way for the star to continue her campaign against plastic surgery. Indeed, since a bad experience with Botox injections, she gave up on the scalpel, despite numerous calls from surgeons: “I’ve stopped counting how many doctors have tried to sell me a face lift. Even once someone managed to convince me, but when I looked at pictures of myself, I thought: what are they going to lift? […] Yes, I came very close to doing so, but honestly, I believe that in the art of aging well, there is something sexy in our imperfections. It’s sensual“, she said in 2013.