Shadow of Chernobyl Trailer Released

At Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event, GSC Game World presented a spectacular new STALKER 2 trailer titled ‘A Time of Opportunities’.

The new video, dubbed in Ukrainian, is filled with views ranging from different locations to a variety of experiences. Players will also notice Hubs where they can rest and prepare for their next intense mission. In-game footage is interspersed with narrative segments that highlight the importance of the non-linear story in STALKER 2. With this new trailer, GSC Game World tried to show the unlimited potential.

Magnificent STALKER 2: Shadow of Chernobyl Trailer Released

As a reminder, STALKER 2 will be released on September 5 for PC and Xbox Series S|X. The game will be available for Game Pass subscribers on the first day. The three-month exclusivity signed with Microsoft means PlayStation 5 users will have to wait until at least December 5.