Severely injured man found outdoors


  • Severely injured man found outdoors

    A badly injured man was found in Hedemora during the night of Monday.

    An alarm was received at 11.34pm that a man had been found lying outside, apparently seriously injured.

    – We have launched a preliminary investigation regarding suspected serious crime, but we do not yet know what has happened, says Jan Matérne, officer on duty at the police.


  • SMHI warns of heavy downpours

    SMHI has issued a yellow warning for heavy downpour in parts of northern Götaland and southwestern Svealand during Monday afternoon and evening.

    Heavy rain or thundershowers can bring up to 40 millimeters in a short time, which can cause flooding.

    The precipitation is expected between 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

  • 30 dead in attack on Rafah

    After an Israeli airstrike, 30 people have been killed in Rafah, it reports Sky News.

    The attack comes after Hamas directed a major drone attack on Tel Aviv on Sunday morning.

    The Red Crescent organization reports that the attack was directed at a humanitarian area.

  • The economist: “Norway will drown in money”

    Pandemic, high interest rates and inflation have hit the economy hard.

    But now the table is set for a party, says Eika group’s chief economist Jan Ludvig Andreassen The daily newspaper.

    – I stick to the headline “anything can happen”, but the basic point is that in the coming years Norway will almost drown in money, he tells the newspaper.

    The Norwegian state’s decision to hold back could provide a huge boost, he says.

    – The weak krona has given us high import prices and low purchasing power, which has meant that we have tightened spending. At the same time, it has ensured high import prices, which gives the economy a real boost when inflation stabilizes.

  • Several dead after tornado in Texas

    A man retrieves his belongings from a car after a tornado touched down in Cooke County, Texas. Photo: Julio Cortez/AP/TT

    At least eleven people have died since a powerful storm swept across the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas in the United States this weekend.

    Worst hit is Cooke County in Texas, near the border with Oklahoma. There, seven people, including two children, lost their lives after a tornado pulled through.

    “It (tornado) left nothing but rubble in its wake,” said Cooke County Sheriff Ray Sappington.

    Last week, five people died in Iowa after a tornado touched down there.

  • Puncture of gas buses in Kalmar

    Kalmar County’s gas-powered minibuses are to be punctured, the police say.

    Emergency services, ambulance and military are on site.

    Properties in the area must be evacuated.

    Read more here.

  • Woman in her 80s has fallen into the water

    According to Aftonbladet’s information, it is a woman in her 80s who fell into the water near Rålambshovsparken on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

    Several family members are said to have helped the woman while waiting for the emergency services to arrive at the scene.

    – We are on site and trying to get the person up now, we have ladders and some other tools, says the rescue service’s press spokesperson.

    According to the emergency services, there are no reports of any injuries.

  • Drowning alarm

    At 15:00 SOS was alerted about a drowning in Bollnäs.

    When the emergency services and ambulance arrived, the person had been taken out of the water.

    The person must then have been taken care of by the ambulance staff.

    There is no information on the state of the damage.

  • Fire in apartment on Södermalm

    Great effort at Södermalm. Photo: Blåljus Sthlm

    Emergency services, police and ambulance are alerted to an address near Nytorget on Södermalm in Stockholm.

    The alarm came in at 3 p.m.

    – It’s a heavy fire, says Josef Gustafsson, commanding officer at rescue center Mitt.

    Several resources worked on the scene and are trying to extinguish the fire.

    More units are on the way.

    – I have no information at the moment if there are people left in the apartment.

    At 4 p.m., the police state on their website that the fire is out and that no one has been injured.

    The police state that they have set up a large cordon around the house to facilitate the work of the emergency services.

  • A car has overturned on Örbyleden

    One of the cars allegedly ran a red light, according to witness statements. Photo: Reader image

    The police were alerted at 14.50 to Örbyleden where two cars had collided. One of the cars must have overturned.

    – Witnesses have stated that one of the cars ran a red light, but this is only initial information. We are on site and investigating what has happened, says the police spokesperson.

  • Motorcyclist and cyclist in collision

    A motorcyclist has hit a cyclist at high speed on Vasagatan in central Stockholm.

    The cyclist, a woman in her 30s, was taken to hospital by ambulance.

    – The extent of the damage is unclear, but she must have flown a bit, says the police spokesperson.

    The driver of the motorcycle has left the scene.

    – We are looking for the motorcyclist now, says the police spokesperson.

  • Twelve injured in new turbulence on aircraft

    Six passengers and six crew members have been injured on a Qatar Airways flight between Doha and Dublin, writes Sky News.

    The turbulence occurred in the airspace over Turkey.

    “Prior to landing, the aircraft was met by emergency services as six passengers and six crew members were reported to have been injured as the plane experienced turbulence over Turkey,” said Graeme McQueen, a spokesman for the company that operates Dublin Airport.

    Recently, 73-year-old Geoffrey Kitchen died and around 50 people were injured, after severe turbulence occurred on a plane between Singapore and London.

  • Man suspected of arson

    An alarm comes in about a fire in a residential building in Alingsås municipality during Sunday morning. According to initial information from SOS, no one is in the building.

    – It seems to be a heavy fire, but fairly large material damage, says Jens Andersson, press spokesperson for the police in the West region.

    In the afternoon, the police confirmed that a 65-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of arson.

    – He is not listed at the address.

    The site has been blocked off.

    Firefighters remain at the scene to deal with the fire.

  • Confiscates items – for at least SEK 220,000

    A man in his 40s arrives in Sweden and is checked in the customs filter at Arlanda airport with several valuables.

    He declares income that is not related to the valuables he carries. He has also appeared in the past with similar suspicions and crimes.

    It ends with the police confiscating bracelets and rings worth SEK 220,000.

    – We also confiscated a watch that glittered properly. We don’t have an estimated valuation yet, but know that there is a conditional high value, says Mats Eriksson, press spokesperson at the police in the Stockholm region.

    The man is suspected of money laundering, alternatively economic money laundering or customs offences.

    The police do not want to comment on where the man flew from, but can confirm that it is outside the EU.

    – I don’t know at the moment whether he is a Swedish citizen, but I know that he lives in Sweden.

  • Flight alert in Tel Aviv

    The alarm is going off in Tel Aviv, international news agencies report.

    Hamas’s armed branch, the al-Qassam Brigades, says in a statement on Telegram that it launched a “large rocket attack”, writes Reuters.

    This is the first time in several months that the flight alarm sounds in Tel Aviv, AP writes.

    According to correspondents at the AFP news agency, at least three explosions have been heard over central Israel, TT writes.

    The Israeli military has not commented on this.

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  • What address is there a fire in Södermalm? Gone and hope it’s not mine!


    Hello! We don’t have the exact address, but there was a fire near Nytorget in any case. Hope everything went well for you!

  • You should probably double check the stated temperatures in the post about the heat wave in Mexico City.


    Hello Eva! I also thought it appeared like very low record temperatures in Mexico City, when we had 38 degrees in Målilla. But this 34.7 degrees actually seems to be the heat record in Mexico City, writes concurring international media. The fact that it doesn’t get warmer seems to be because the city is located in a valley at a very high altitude.

  • What happened this morning at the Tumba station? Smile someone it looks like a body on the track and the train has stopped for several hours!!


    Hello! There must have been an accident. No crime is suspected.

  • Why did 2 ambulances and 3 police cars with sirens and blue lights just pass by in Vasastaden?


    Hello! There has been an accident at the subway at Odenplan.

  • Have you published anything regarding the authority for psychological defense reporting tv4’s cold facts for the report on SD’s alleged troll factory?


    Hi Alex, we have written about this.

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