Several weather warnings for snow combined with wind

SMHI has issued several warnings for snow in combination with wind during Tuesday. There is a risk of major inconvenience in traffic and canceled departures.
– If you have changed to summer tires, you have to think about whether you have to leave if it snows, says
Bengt Olsson, press manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

After a partly sunny Easter weekend, a thunderstorm has moved in over the country. SMHI has orange and yellow warnings issued for snow in combination with wind in northern Götaland and southeastern Svealand.

– There is abundant snowfall and wind which means that there will be poor visibility, and subsequently slippery and muddy roads. Traffic will most likely be affected, says TV4’s meteorologist Linda Eriksson.

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Enhanced weather warning – risk of traffic problems: “Really messy”

Risk of power outages

Orange warnings are issued in an area that stretches from Uddevalla and Gothenburg in the west, to Västervik in the east. Up to 25 centimeters of snow is expected here, and locally it can snow even more.

There is a risk of delays and canceled departures for bus, train and air traffic. SMHI also warns of power outages in places with overhead power lines.

The warnings apply for most of Tuesday.

The Swedish Transport Administration is gearing up

The Swedish Transport Administration announced yesterday that the agency has increased preparedness to move up to the highest level of preparedness for road and rail in parts of the country.

– Follow the weather reports and see what is happening. If the temperature is lower than plus five, then summer tires are not good, says Bengt Olsson, press manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

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