Several warnings about the 17-year-old before the police murder

“It was obvious that there could be a murder or some form of serious violence,” says municipal police officer Daniel Johnsson to the radio.

In the weeks before the murder on June 30, 2021, at least three protection assessments were carried out on the 17-year-old, each time deciding that he should not be taken into custody.

Among other things, responsible social workers judged that warnings that the boy had been assigned to carry out a knife attack as revenge for a previous gang murder were not enough to take him into custody according to the LVU.

Nor when the boy’s mother visited the social services office and said she thought her son was going to shoot someone did it lead to any intervention.

— That’s what the mother herself talked about. “I cannot protect my child”. I think it’s bad that they didn’t listen to it, says Susanna Nolin, who works at the social administration in close cooperation with the school and the police.

Administrative director Christina Alvelin tells Kaliber that she trusts that the administrators made the right judgments based on the information that was available at the time.