Several sprinters in the Swedish mixed team

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

The Swedish first team consists of Calle Halfvarsson, Moa Ilar, Edvin Anger and Jonna Sundling.

The second team’s skaters are Eric Rosjö, Märta Rosenberg, Truls Gisselman and Moa Lundgren.

It is noteworthy that Maja Dahlqvist and Johanna Hagström, who are at the top of the overall sprint cup, are relinquishing the relay.

For Dahlqvist, it’s about conserving energy for Tuesday’s sprint in Tallinn, which has become important for the cup’s decision.

It will be the third time that a mixed relay is decided in connection with a World Cup event. The distance is 4×5 kilometers.

Lars Öberg, Swedish representative in the International Skiing and Snowboarding Association’s cross-country committee, says that the outcome of this mixed relay will be of great importance for future decisions about whether there will be a new branch at upcoming championships.