Several patients at Ystad’s hospital were infected with resistant bacteria

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Last week, the first cases of VRE were found in surgery and urology department 1 at Ystad’s hospital, according to Ystads Allehanda. Altogether, a total of 7 patients have now been found to be infected with the bacteria.

Vancomycin-resistant enterococci, VRE, are a group of intestinal bacteria that are or can become resistant to all known antibiotics.

– Having an outbreak of a resistant bacteria, such as VRE, is serious. It can be serious for the person affected, says chief physician Katharina Ornstein.

The infection is traced

The samples from Ystad’s hospital have now been sent to the Public Health Agency, which will investigate whether there is any connection between them.

– At the end of next week, we are waiting for an answer as to whether the patients were infected at the hospital or whether they came here with the infection, says Katharina Ornstein, to Ystads Allehanda.

Since the outbreak, the hospital has tightened its hygiene routines, says Katharina Ornstein. The hospital has also contacted patients who have been hospitalized for the past month.

In most cases, however, the bacterium is not dangerous for the infected person and none of the seven patients who have currently been infected are ill.

– They are carriers of infection. No one is sick. It is very rare to get sick from this bacteria.

Important to remove

But an antibiotic-resistant bacteria is not something that should be in a hospital environment, says Katharina Ornstein. Ystad’s hospital is now working to isolate the outbreak.

– This particular bacterium can be difficult to remove from the environment, so you know that the outbreak can continue for a long time. That’s why you absolutely have to tackle it right away. And for the occasional patient who may get sick from the bacteria.