Several may leave SD’s party board

New names proposed are Andrea Kronvall, Kristian Silbvers and Roger Hedlund. All have previously been deputies on the party board.

Earlier this week, it became known that long-time SD politician Björn Söder is being poked. Söder has been on the party board for over 20 years and during a large part of that time has belonged to the absolute core of the party leadership. Together with Jimmie Åkesson, Richard Jomshof and Mattias Karlsson, he formed for many years what was called “the gang of four” in the party.

In the election committee’s proposal, it is also proposed that Julia Kronlid be allowed to leave the position as second vice-chairman of the party. Instead, Linda Lindberg, group leader in the Riksdag, will take over.

During the summer, Lindberg stepped in for Jimmie Åkesson in several contexts, among other things she gave SD’s speech during the political week in Almedalen.

Linda Lindberg is proposed to take over as second deputy party chairman in SD. Archive image.

Julia Kronlid, who is the second deputy speaker of the Riksdag, has held third place at the top of the party since 2019. However, Kronlid is proposed to remain on the party board.

On Facebook, she writes that she is not running for re-election as second deputy party chairman, partly because she wants to focus on the job of speaker.

The decision on a new party board is made by SD at the party’s country days at the end of November.