Several curious people visit the landslide area – reinforced with guards

During the night to Sunday, several people made it to the roadblocks at the racial masses. The police have checked the people, who are said to have been curious youths, but no one has been reported for crime. Riot fences and cordon tape from the police block off a large area around the landslide outside Stenungsund. The hope is that it will keep the curious away.

– It is worrying that many people are trying to get inside the barriers. It can be dangerous to move in there, says HannaSofie Pedersen, head of strategic climate adaptation at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (SGI).

The risk is not over

SGI has personnel on site who support the emergency services with expert knowledge of landslides and geotechnical engineering.

– We look at things like how big the cordoned off area should be, where emergency personnel should enter, which safe parts there are and where you have solid ground, says HannaSofie Pedersen.

The risk of new landslides is not yet over. But in that case it will most likely be smaller variants.

– The barriers have been increased so that it also covers in case of smaller landslides. It’s not usually that dramatic, says HannaSofie Pedersen.

Several buildings inside the cordons will be affected.

– The roof has fallen in on some building and another has floated away in the mud. But they are not completely buried in mud. In the hamburger restaurant, masses of soil have been pushed into the back. It’s an incredible stroke of luck that it happened at night.