Sets from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and many more are available at reduced prices at Alternate

Sets from Star Wars Harry Potter Marvel and many more

If you want to take advantage of the reduced Lego products, you shouldn’t wait too long, because the offers are not limited to limited in time, but also only available in a certain quota. The items also include construction sets popular film series, such as Star Wars.

In which Venator-class Republican attack cruiser * you even save 110 euros. The huge model is 109 cm long and consists of 5,374 parts. This also includes the Hangar including Republic gunshipa special Clone Wars 20th anniversary brick, a stand, and Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen figures.

Lego Star Wars: Republic Attack Cruiser


To Alternate

The Lego Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter on offer

With the castle from Harry Potter * you get a sophisticated construction project for 110 euros 2660 shares consists. Hogwarts, with its many towers and annexes, stands on a rocky landscape surrounded by a lake. Also individual well-known rooms like this Chamber of Secretsthe chessboard room and the classroom for potions lessons can be recreated in great detail.


The Lego Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter

You save 14 percent when you buy this 2-in-1 construction kit Expecto Patronum from Harry Potter *. You can assemble the 754 pieces into either Harry’s Patronus deer or Professor Remus Lupin’s Patronus wolf, whose legs can be moved. The set also includes the two minifigures Remus Lupine and Harry Potter with magic wand.

Lego offer: Marvel Superhero and Disney Classic

The popular Marvel character Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy * is available with a small Baby Groot figure. You save 13 percent on the 566-piece set, which is suitable for children aged 10 and over. From the Disney Classics series there is the 811-piece film camera * with a rotating crank and many details. Among other things, there is also a film strip with still images from 20 classic Disney films and the five characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Bambi, Dumbo and Walt Disney.

Lego sets of gaming classics

Not only film fans can look forward to the reduced offers, gaming fans will also get their money’s worth. You save 18 percent Minecraft Showdown with the Devourer *, which is suitable for children aged 8 and over. Also recommended for this age group is the set that is twice as extensive Larry and Morton’s air galleys from Super Mario *.

Adults can look forward to another gaming classic from the 80s: The PAC-MAN slot machine *, where you save 69 euros. The legendary slot machine offers cool features such as the 4-way joystick and an illuminated coin slot. If you turn the handle, you activate it mechanical labyrinthwhich simulates the chase of Pac-Man and the ghosts.

In addition to the kits from the popular film and game franchises, there are also other Lego sets reduced available from Alternate. Among others from the Ninjago, Speed, Architecture, Classic, Technic, DreamZzz and Creator series.

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