Server down? That’s why you can’t play FIFA, Apex Legends or Jedi Survivor right now

The EA servers are apparently having problems right now. Online modes are not available for those who want to play some of the publisher’s popular games on PC, PS5 or Xbox. Particularly bitter: single-player games are also affected.

What’s going on at EA? Apparently the EA servers are not available at the moment. For example, if you try to play FIFA or Apex Legends or buy a game, you will be greeted with errors or a timeout. Downloads seem to work but are extremely slow.

Electronic Arts official support has already confirmed on Twitter that there is a disruption that they are currently working on. In the meantime, you cannot access online modes or log into your account.

When will the servers be back online? Can’t say that at the moment. The team has been working on a solution for several hours, but there is still no update on the situation. As soon as we know more, you will find an update here.

Update at 6:10 p.m.: According to EA, the servers are back online (via Twitter), but users are still complaining that they can’t log in. For some it took longer than the message, others still can’t play.

Also affected: The new Star Wars: Jedi Survivor:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Trailer Game Awards

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“That’s why we need offline modes”

Not only multiplayer games are suffering from the current server down, but also solo games like Sims or the new Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Both games require a connection to the EA servers and have no offline mode.

This annoys many fans who are already annoyed by the constant online obligation. RedGamingTech tweeted: “And that’s why offline modes for single-player campaign games that we… well, paid for are very welcome?”

Jedi Survivor in particular was only released on April 28th and many fans now want to gamble. The PC port is already facing major technical problems, which are probably contributing to the bad atmosphere due to the server down. And that on May 4th, International Star Wars Day.

Accordingly, many users are annoyed under the tweet from EA. There are complaints that nothing is still working. Some are trying to create some distraction with their artwork or are demanding free weekends for things like the new Star Wars game

The topic of offline modes and single-player games has been with the industry for a long time, most recently with the forthcoming Diablo 4. However, the EA boss has a clear position on this:

EA finds people stupid who only play single-player games – even the employees shake their heads