Server Down for Hotfix on 01/31. – All patch notes and info

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Fingers crossed today because Destiny 2 is getting a new update. After the long period of downtime over the last week, the Guardians hope that with Hot fix on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC runs more smoothly. As always, we are on the ball and will keep you up to date with all information about downtime.

Hotfix update history:

18:05: Bungie also pushed the patch notes directly afterwards. You can find the link to them further down in the article.

6:00 p.m.: The update is finished. On the PC, the download is 120.2 MB in size. After downloading this, you should be able to log in again.

5:45 p.m.: The Destiny 2 servers just went offline. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for Bungie to finish importing the latest update.

What you need to know today: Hotfix is in the starting blocks today and will ensure that Destiny 2 has to go offline for a while. Some guardians could already put their ears back, because last week the traditional “Update Tuesday” was exceptionally not a good day to play a round of Destiny 2.

  • Bungie had issues with a migration process that resulted in a fatal configuration error. The result: The usual casual 15 minutes of server down have turned into tough 20 hours including rollback.
  • As with any live service game, changes big or small can always cause unforeseen problems. However, we hope that this week will be better. Bungie has also made a promise to its players that they will “always act quickly to [Fehler in Destiny 2] to fix when they show up.”

    Bungie has already prepared today’s update with an extended background maintenance. MeinMMO now tells you exactly when you can’t gamble and what errors are currently plaguing the loot shooter.

    For anyone who may have missed it: Today at 4:00 p.m. there is also a trailer premiere on YouTube. There Bungie will show the first pieces of equipment that players will use on Neomuna. This is the new location of the upcoming DLC ​​“Lightfall”.

    You can see more about the new DLC in advance in this Lightfall trailer:

    Destiny 2: Trailer for Lightfall shows new race – Guardians get cool lasso, swing like Spider-Man

    You can also look forward to a Quality of Life update for Deep Sight weapons:

  • The weekly focus on red-rimmed Deepvision weapons will be switched to a daily focus per vendor for the remainder of the season. This also applies to vendors who offer a guaranteed Deep Sight weapon focus in Seasons 16-18.
  • Maintenance on 01/31 – All times and server down

    These times are important today: Bungie’s update routine for today is already set. They want to return to the usual downtime of 15 minutes (via.

    Here are the exact times when you cannot gamble:

  • At 5:00 p.m. German time, maintenance work will start in the background on all platforms.
  • From 5:45 p.m. the servers will go offline and players will be automatically kicked out of all activities.
  • Third-party applications and the official companion app are then also disabled.
  • Around 6:00 p.m. the servers are scheduled to come back online for update on all platforms. After successfully downloading the same, you can log back into the game.
  • Continuous background maintenance will then officially end at 7:00 p.m. if everything goes smoothly.
  • Important: Even if you have downloaded the update and are back in-game, you may experience connection issues until the end of maintenance at 7:00 p.m. You may also have to expect queues when logging in.

    Also, keep in mind that third-party applications and the official companion app may not be accessible correctly, and you won’t be able to move gear or buy bounties for a while after the update.

    This changes with Hotfix in Season 19

    Known issues could be fixed in the new update soon.

    That brings the hotfix today: As always, we’ll show you what problems Destiny 2 currently has. These are bugs that Bungie is already aware of, bugs that we’ve found ourselves, and bugs that our readers have brought to our attention.

    Excerpt of the already known problems in Destiny 2:

  • Players have noticed that Blue Engrams are dropping significantly more frequently than before. Here, however, there is already an adjustment in the room, which should completely eliminate the blues problem. However, it had not yet been possible to activate these immediately and in full.
  • Trials rank ups stay on screen longer than intended. They can pop up multiple times, making active abilities less visible.
  • Guardians complain about unfair teammates who deliberately prevent them from flawless triumphs of the seasons with a Titan Slam or the Sword by killing them with it.
  • The Abominable Imperative quest cannot be activated when the inventory is full.
  • Players cannot continue the Enigma quest past step 6 at the Enclave Evidence Board, nor can other weaponcrafting quests.
  • The intrinsic perks of “Hunter’s Tracks” for “Revision Zero” will not unlock if players complete all steps of “If You Accept This” weapon quests at the same time.
  • Bounty acquisition through the Destiny Companion app is noticeably slower than desired.
  • Player name changes are not customizable through Players are still waiting for the option to change their player name multiple times instead of just once.
  • The Deep Explorer Boots are sometimes not visible in the Armor Ornaments menu.
  • Searching for fireteams in the Companion app does not work for accounts that have Stadia main characters.
  • Bungie also notes an issue where the “Next Artifact Unlock” feature is incorrectly showing “0/1” instead of the intended XP progression. However, this problem is purely visual. This means you can still get additional Artifact unlocks by earning XP.

    If you encounter any other issues with the game, it is recommended that you report them directly to the official Bungie Help forums to bring them to the attention of the developers. Alternatively, you can leave us a comment if you are aware of other bugs in the game.

    Patch Notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2

    What’s in the patch notes? Bungie publishes the comprehensive list of all changes to Hotfix in the form of patch notes. These will usually be available immediately after 6:00 p.m. or a little later.

    If you have noticed other problems in the game that spoil your gaming experience, please leave us a comment.

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